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Enjoy your time in the snow

Upgrade your snowmobile experience

With over 20 years of Ski-doo repair experience, our team has the knowledge to upgrade your sled's performance. Our secondary clutch modification allows for quick removal in less than one minute, leaving the shaft in the chain case. This adjustment improves performance and belt life.  

Rev-up your Ski Doo's performance

  • Floating QRS secondary clutch  

  • Conversion adjuster kit for '08 and '09 sleds

  • Bushings

  • QRS secondary rollers

  • PB80 clutch (standard and overdrive)

  • Race Plug and Go temperature resistor

  • 20 years of experience with Ski-doo snowmobiles

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  • We offer the most competitive prices on snowmobile tracks

Enjoy more time on your Ski-doo

Doo Doctor's Plug and Go keeps you on the trail

You won't have to wait for your sled to cool down before making another pass! This resistor tells the computer the engine is running at 110 degrees. Installation of an aftermarket gauge is recommended in order to know the true temp of the engine.


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