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Drive line repair

Get the most from your engine

Your car's driveline transfer power

The driveline in your car transfers power from the engine to the wheels. There are many components responsible

for this transfer including the transmission and the transfer case. A well-maintained driveline will improve your

car's efficiency and prolong the life of many components.

Driveline specialists

  • Drive axle repair

  • Transmission repair and rebuild

  • Transfer case repair and replace

  • 3-year/100,000 mile warranty on transmission work

  • Family owned since 1970

  • All mechanics have 20 years or more of experience

  • Pick-up service available if vehicle is inoperable

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We only fix what needs to be fixed

Car repairs can drain your budget and throw a wrench in your schedule. We understand that and will give you an honest diagnosis of the problem and do our best to fix it as fast as possible.

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After 45 years in the Traverse City area, we know that your car battles snow, sun, and potholes. If your car starts handling differently or make a strange noise, let our experts check it out.